Half-Asian Hair Dye Makeover Time

I’m half Asian and half white. My hair is naturally super-black, super-thick, and super resistant to bleaching as I recently found out. I’ve had black hair all my life, but in the last year or so I became kind of obsessed with becoming a brunette.

Normally I look like this, hello Vanessa Carlton:


This is what I wish I looked like:

So I went through this weird thing where I wanted to bleach my hair. I went to a salon and had some hokey highlights put in. The result was oddly stripey:


After 4 weeks, they grew out. I was really sick of them anyway. The cut was also pretty bad, but I can’t complain, the stylist was fairly inexpensive. My hair took so darn long to put all those stripey highlights in that 4 hours later, I couldn’t blame the stylist if she was exhausted during the haircut! I hated them though. My hair had about 5 different colors in it from red to black to almost blonde. I think she was going for the beachy look, but I think in the end a more uniform color would have been far superior. My hair is so thick it looks like a wig anyway, with 5 different colors it looks much worse!

I get really tired of stylists (not to mention how expensive they are) So I decided to bleach my hair on my own. I did a strand test about a week in advance. I used 30 volume peroxide from Sally Beauty Supply with a Clairol light blue blonde color. My hair was VERY RESISTANT. An hour resulted in just a little lightening.

So I threw caution to the wind and decided to go for it and bleach my hair. I figured I could always go back to black if I ended up with OSHA orange hair.

I divided my hair into sixths, mixed up the color and brushed in the mixture to the back of my head by the nape of my neck first. Worked my way up my head, then sprayed everything with a little water, worked it through. Put a plastic bag from the grocery store on like a hat, turbaned it up, then wrapped that in a towel.

Then I waited 2 hours before I washed it out!!

It ended up too red for my taste, especially on top. I was immediately horrified so I put in some toner, which I had bought just in case. I mixed the Clairol blue-violet based toner with a 10 volume peroxide. Waited about 30 minutes. Much better.

I ended up with this:


It was fun but I’m still not used to it. I might go lighter, maybe just for one day on a weekend to see, but I’m not sure.

2 thoughts on “Half-Asian Hair Dye Makeover Time

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  2. Nice. I wish that I could see what you mean by too red.

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