I am growing my hair down to my butt.

I used to have short hair in my early 20’s.

Also was known to have worn medium length hair, but because my hair is so thick, it just never works out well.

I’ve decided to grow my hair until it almost touches my butt–basically I’ll stop when it reaches the small of my back. I have never grown it that long b4. There’s about 8 inches to go.

4 thoughts on “I am growing my hair down to my butt.

  1. my hair has grown almost to where it was
    before i cut it in march 2007.

    i’m contemplating whether i should do it or
    not again.

  2. it was march of 2008 when i had it cut not 2007.

    you know what the irony is.

    i love my hair long. i never had it cut until
    two years ago.
    but that winter it was annoying and the
    static was unbearable so i cut 11 inches
    and dontated it to locks of love.

    which worked out well, i donated 10 inches
    of my hair and ULTA cut it for free that
    included the evening out (the 1 inch).

    my mom loved my hair short in fact.
    i liked it too made for really cute pigtails.
    but…i missed not having it cover my boobs.

    now they cover my boobs. eric likes my hair
    short but he also likes it long.

    i’m also very undecided on what to do.
    right now its not annoying…so who knows.

  3. Wow 11 inches!!! Your hair is nice (not unruly or coarse) so I bet it would look great at any length. My hair covers the boobs at the moment, not like there’s much to hide LOL, and hubby likes the long hair thing. When I miss short hair I just put it up in a French twist or bun. I have also recently bought fake clip-in bangs. I’ll post about that soon.

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