Anorexia? :-(

I went to the gym tonight and I worked out on the stair machine pretty hard.  It was the kind of cardiovascular activity that is a bit trying but afterwards the lungs feel fresh and clean and there is a nice happy feeling, a natural high.

There was a girl that came in who looked like she was in high school or college that climbed on the treadmill.  She was stick-figure thin.  No hips, no boobs, nothing.  Her whole bottom half was concave, her legs like fragile sticks.  She was actually skinnier than Waldo of Where’s Waldo fame.

This poor creature had no business exercising!  She should have been resting at home eating a veggie cheeseburger with fries and  drinking a chocolate shake!  Perhaps she was a cancer victim or someone with a another disease Chrohn’s, but I dunno.  She had all of her hair?  She was as skinny as or perhaps thinner than this clearly anorexic model:

I am making a mental wish for her and all girls like her to reach a better state with their bodies, no matter what is causing the malnourished skinny-ness.

3 thoughts on “Anorexia? :-(

  1. i love doing the eliptical for 20 mins on rolling (i change it up) then the treadmill for 15 min. increasing the incline gradually up to the max which i think is 15. then steadily go back down.

    it does make your lungs feel good.

  2. ok so my sister is trying to get herself skinny but too bad she is so so fat and i think she is like 12 or 11 and she wants to be anorexic so what do i do???????? help me please

    • Tom: There’s not much you can do if someone wants to be anorexic… except maybe try to genuinely listen to what she has to say. I have had anorexic friends and it is impossible to convince them that anorexia is wrong.

      One of the reasons children and adults are so big these days is because of all the growth hormones added to meat, dairy, and eggs. No matter how little cheese, meat, or milk a person eats, it is still often impossible to take off weight because meat and milk producing animals are bred to be huge, whereupon they pass their hormones and growth factors down to the people eating them. Back when I was growing up, animals were not as messed up as they are now and kids were also nowhere near as fat. Modern factory farmers are doing evil things to innocent people and animals.

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