Macaroni and Cheese with Vegetables

Sometimes I crave Midwestern a.k.a. home cooking a.k.a. starchy comfort food with a passion.  I crave it like chocolate.  I had a hard time sleeping last night because I craved it so badly.

Ironically, I never liked Kraft mac & cheese as a kid (I’m mildly lactose intolerant) and I don’t like Velveeta even though it is easy to cook with.  This is my version of mac & cheese with broccoli that I felt compelled to make for myself.  My husband asked me to write the recipe so I figure I might as well post it here.

Mac & Cheese with vegetables

Pot one:
chopped potato (I did not peel)
chopped carrot
chopped broccoli (from frozen)
water to cover

boil it then simmer until potato is cooked

meanwhile in Pot two:

1/2 of a one pound box of dry macaroni

boil macaroni then strain and set aside when done
Lower heat to “Warm”
saute onion in tiny bit of oil in bottom now vacant Pot two
1/2 stick of butter and 1 clove chopped garlic goes in
Melt that
1/4 cup of flour stirred in like a roux
2 cups of milk stirred in slowly
salt at least 1/2 teaspoon if not more, or G Washington golden broth
21/2 cups of shredded organic cheddar gets stirred in slowly.  Used a little extra sharp cheddar and a lot of Colby.

Fun part:
Throw cooked vegetables and cooked drained macaroni into the big pot with the cheese sauce.  Stir it up.

2 thoughts on “Macaroni and Cheese with Vegetables

  1. This sounds good,will make it for dinner sometime within the week

    *thank you*

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