Carnie Wilson: Please Go Vegan!

Carnie Wilson had stomach-stapling surgery in the 2000's and now she's had lap band surgery to lose weight.

I was dismayed to read that Carnie Wilson had lap-band surgery in January to shed weight.  I don’t know much about Carnie except that she’s a really good singer who was in Wilson Phillips and that her dad was Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

Both lap-band surgery and bariatric surgery (stomach stapling and removal) are absolute madness in my opinion.  Doctors who perform these horrific removals and re-routes of the stomach are BARBARIANS.  How can poor Carnie and anyone who has had these surgeries ever digest food properly with half a stomach?  Furthermore, how can any doctor who performs this butchery even claim to adhere to the Hippocratic “harm none” oath they all swear to at the end of medical school?  These forms of brutal surgery are the modern equivalent of trepanning, or cutting holes into patient’s skulls in order to let the demons out!

This is the least disgusting pic of trepanning I could find. Here's a suggestion: DO NOT Google trepanning!

Carnie, please, GO WHOLE FOODS VEGAN!  Every person I’ve ever met who went vegan lost weight; some of my Facebook friends even lost to the tune of 200 lbs!  Do it for the animals.  Do it because you’ll be able to eat lots and still lose weight.  This is why:


Quantity of food is the problem!!  Not to mention, every chicken, egg, cow-corpse burger, and hunk of cheese are laced with hormones to make the animals grow huge fast . . . sound familiar?

Carnie, set an example!  Fire your doctors and heal yourself by eating what humans were meant to eat, fruit and vegetables.

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