My new clothes; your advice wanted.

Please help!!  I’m not a fashion bug–some of you know I loathe shopping with a passion.  I only go because of the soft pretzels.  The clothes I wear to work are easy enough to put together (my brother jokingly calls them Piano Teacher Outfits, which is exactly what they are) but when the weekend comes I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.

Hubby bought me jeggings, the new variation on stretchy pants. He doesn't realize I'm 38 years old, bless him!

I’m not sure what to wear with them.  Knee high boots?  Sandals?  Also, probably not a T-shirt, right?  Should I have gone for a long tunic on top or will that make me look shorter than I already am?

They fit exactly like tight jeans.

Look it's my butt! Hooray.

Again, I'm not sure what accessories or jewelry to wear with this.