Adventures in Hapa Eyeshadow: Silver and Gold

I have fun with eyeshadow. This was silver and gold. Gold is my favorite color of eyeshadow ever.

1. “Primed” eyelid with a thin layer of base and some loose powder on a sponge over it.
2. Covered eyelid with gold color and blended in with a soft brush.
3. Highlighted the edge of my upper and lower eyelid with white-silver, brush dipped in water to make the color stronger.
4. Tightlined entire eye in black. I use Studio Gear cake eyeliner (from Ulta) with a Laura Mercier flat brush.
5. 3 coats of black mascara.

. . . August . . . is hot.

August is always the same. 90+ degrees of wet heat. It’s hard to eat, but once you start eating, you’re ravenous. I’ve been living on cucumber gazpacho from a recipe I learned at Veggie Fest by my chef idol, Louise Hagler. It’s yummy. I will provide the recipe soon.

August is the season when I think all women want to cut their hair off. Probably because it is so hot. In this weather, the split ends get worse and there is tons of frizz. I am resisting haircuts because my hair doesn’t look good short. Instead I put it in a bun, which is probably very dorky of me but oh well.

I wear winged eyeliner and silver eyeshadow all the time but what’s weird is it doesn’t look all that extreme once it’s on.

Double Extend Tubes Mascara

I have wimpy eyelashes. I am not willing to try Latisse, because the state of my eyelashes certainly does not warrant a pharmacological approach.

I bought a “new lash-extending technology” based on a recommendation from my all-time favorite makeup artist, Carmindy:

The name of it is Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara, in blackest black.
It is kind of complicated for mascara. You put on white goo first with one wand, like a primer coat, then follow that with the black stuff. The creepy thing is that once you cover all the white gluey primer in black, your lashes grow. It’s hard to explain, but they’re kind of like little tree branches that get longer. I have now officially grossed myself out.

Here’s my eyelashes with 2 coats of regular mascara:

Then with the Loreal stuff:

The new mascara is good, but I think what’s next is to try regular and hi-tech mascara combined just to see what happens.