Kiki and other LULZ October 2010

Hot damn, how is it almost the end of October all ready? Here are some pics as I have not uploaded any in a long while.
This is one of those reusable grocery bags. Kiki claimed it for herself long ago.

When I try to look sexy it comes off arrogant + geeky.

She is on my shoulder as I type this post, I’m not kidding!

Poses like this are how she earned the name Demon Seed.

Names I call Kiki II

You thought I was done with Names I Call Kiki One? Not by a long shot.

Kitty Pie
Oh My Kitty Pie
Girly Pie
Basement Cat
Monorail Kitty

Demon Seed
Baby Lady
Crazy Little Baby Lady
Precious Little Lady
Precious Girly Poo
Oh My Goodness Girl
Bitey-Bite (when she’s being bad)

Sexy-Bite (when she’s being bad because she’s frustrated)
Plum Pudding
Sneaky Poo 2 (coined by Rodney, I am the original Sneaky Poo)

Pudding Boo
Bratty Catty or Baddy Catty (when she’s being REALLY bad)

Yes, There Is A Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

The irony is not wasted upon me as I type this blog post one handed because my left arm is occupied by Kiki having her 3rd spoiled-princess-kitty shoulder nap today. It’s kind of sad looking at the plastic voodoo representation of yourself in 25 years.

Seriously . . . this exists.

You can also buy it if you find it completely necessary.