My Long Black Haircut

IMG_5450 IMG_5451 IMG_5452

  August Fools!  I didn’t actually chop off all my air.  It’s an updo.



See?  Bobby pins.  If I do a better job and wear a fall to hide the back, it looks like I actually have short hair.

Here is my hair a couple of days after the hair cut.  It gets curly when I let it air dry.  As you can see, it’s a few inches shorter.  What you might not be able to see is the ends have been layered nicely so they aren’t so bulky now.

IMG_5446 IMG_5448

My Really Long Hair (Getting a Haircut Tomorrow)

my giant hairYeah I’ve got that halfsie Japanese, Italian/British whatever the heck I am hair.  It’s big, it’s thick, and I’ve let it grow really, really long.  I haven’t cut it except for trimming it myself with a manicure scissor since I was 37 years old and it wasn’t short back then.  I turned 42 a few days ago.

So I’m finally getting it cut.  Not a whole lot, however, as you can see there is a lot of hay-like looking straw at the ends I want gone.


The time I threw it over my shoulder like a continental soldier.


The ends are very straw-like and they’ve faded a different color than the rest of my hair.

IMG_5433 IMG_5435

Tried to straighten it and then... humidity.

Tried to straighten it and then… humidity.

Plus I’d like some layers.

Bleaching my eyebrows

True confessions: I bleach my eyebrows.  They are naturally very black and very arched, which at times can look a bit severe, kind of like this:

romulan eyebrows

So I bleach them sometimes.

The bleach comes in a kit. There is a powder, a goopy paste, a flat mini-tray and a spatula. I mix one part powder to about 4 parts goop.




It has to be mixed very well or else I could end up with spotty or tiger striped eyebrows. Tiger brows are not the look.

After pulling my hair back, I smear the paste on my eyebrows.


Since I’m doing this, might as well bleach my annoying forehead hair and my mustache. I’ve gotten my forehead hair threaded before and OUCH. No thanks. I’ll bleach it.

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?


After about 7 minutes, I wipe some of the bleach off to see how much my brows are lightened.



Seems good enough. I proceed to wipe off all of the bleach with a dry rag, followed by a wet rag.


Kiki is about to yawn. Mama’s vanity rituals are so BORING.


The final result: Before, my brows are their natural black.

Before eyebrow bleach

Before eyebrow bleach

Lighter brows

Lighter brows


lightened eyebrows

lightened eyebrows

I can still look just as nutty without Romulan/Vulcan eyebrows! YES!


Fan Art by Priscilla Hernandez

Pris Hernandez, the ethereal goth singer-songwriter and fantasy artist, drew this fantastic fan art of me about 10 years ago.  I still remember the joy of receiving this in the mail: she lives in Spain.Here are some recent photos where I’ve dressed up similar to the drawing.  Some day I plan on re-creating the dress more exactly, but that would take some building of my sewing skills which at the moment are very weak.

Feeling like an extra on the set of Xena Warrior Princess LOL It’s extra funny/tragic that my hair is actually bigger than the drawing.

John Frieda – 3 Day Straight hair serum

I love straight, jet black hair SO MUCH. I recently saw the Korean horror movie “Voice” a.k.a. “Whispering Corridors”, a film about ghosts haunting a school for girls. Oh, the girls were SO GORGEOUS with their perfectly black straight hair! The movie? Not so much.

In my quest for straight hair, I bought a bottle of John Frieda 3 Day Straight serum because Allure magazine gave it a good review.

Here is what my hair is usually like when I air dry it.

AFTER 3 Day Straight:


. . . August . . . is hot.

August is always the same. 90+ degrees of wet heat. It’s hard to eat, but once you start eating, you’re ravenous. I’ve been living on cucumber gazpacho from a recipe I learned at Veggie Fest by my chef idol, Louise Hagler. It’s yummy. I will provide the recipe soon.

August is the season when I think all women want to cut their hair off. Probably because it is so hot. In this weather, the split ends get worse and there is tons of frizz. I am resisting haircuts because my hair doesn’t look good short. Instead I put it in a bun, which is probably very dorky of me but oh well.

I wear winged eyeliner and silver eyeshadow all the time but what’s weird is it doesn’t look all that extreme once it’s on.

Faux Bangs

I ordered fake clip-in bangs from eBay in dark brown color. I really like them, because they are straighter and softer than my real bangs. They cost about $14 and are made of real people hair. They don’t look completely real, but I like them anyway.

Before fake bangs:

After fake bangs:

I am growing my hair down to my butt.

I used to have short hair in my early 20’s.

Also was known to have worn medium length hair, but because my hair is so thick, it just never works out well.

I’ve decided to grow my hair until it almost touches my butt–basically I’ll stop when it reaches the small of my back. I have never grown it that long b4. There’s about 8 inches to go.