White Castle’s Vegan Burger is Really Tasty

white castle vegan slider

White Castle is a burger chain by me in the Midwestern US.  They started offering a vegan burger about a year and a half a go and I didn’t really pay attention because sometimes I like to pretend I eat healthier than that, LOL.  I just tried their vegan burger for the first time today and it is FANTASTIC!!!  Now I’m mad at myself for not going sooner.

The burger itself is by Dr. Praeger, which is a frozen brand of plant-based burgers.  The specific type used is the California Veggie Burger, which has cute little chunks of carrot and eda mame (soybeans).  Praeger’s website says the whole line of burgers are “Certified Vegan”.  Nice.

The manager of the White Castle I went to was really sweet and he informed me that the veggie burgers are cooked on their own separate meatless grill.

Even better, the bun is already accidentally vegan:

(From Foodfacts.com)

Traditional Bun ingredients (29)

white castle vegan slider
Of course I got it without ranch sauce.  They also come with optional onions and pickles.  They had a ton of other accidentally vegan sauces to put on it, but plain old accidentally vegan ketchup was perfect.

Yippee! My Italian Wedding Soup recipe from the Daily Vegan Lunch project is up for an award.

Woohoo! My Italian Wedding Soup from Daily Vegan Lunch recipe is up for some sort of prize for which you can vote. Help me win a toaster oven by voting (just kidding, I’m not sure what the prize is)
It’s number 112 I think. The black bowls that are red on the inside are mine.
easy italian recipes

My Vegan Shirt from VeganEssentials!

I have been wearing it everywhere! I love this NonviolenceUnited.org shirt from VeganEssentials.com.

my vegan essentials T-shirt



They almost always offer coupons so make sure to Google “Vegan essentials coupons” before you order from them.

I am a shortie (4’11” and not getting any taller) so that’s why I ordered the Unisex medium size. I don’t think their shirts run all that small though.

What it says:

Front of shirt reads as follows:
For the People.
For the Planet.
For the Animals.

Back of shirt reads as follows:
Feed the hungry.
Save indigenous people.
Stand up for workers’ rights.
Be kind to animals.
Stop factory/animal farms.
Save 100 animals every year.
End deforestation for grazing.
Save an acre of trees per year.
End grazing on public lands.
Tell the government
to stop killing wildlife for
corporate ranchers’ profits.
Stop wars for resources.
Help end corporate rule.
Make the world a better place.
Help stop climate change.
Stop the #1 polluter of water.
Support a sustainable planet.
Live your values.
Live with compassion.
Stop the violence.

Bleaching my eyebrows

True confessions: I bleach my eyebrows.  They are naturally very black and very arched, which at times can look a bit severe, kind of like this:

romulan eyebrows

So I bleach them sometimes.

The bleach comes in a kit. There is a powder, a goopy paste, a flat mini-tray and a spatula. I mix one part powder to about 4 parts goop.




It has to be mixed very well or else I could end up with spotty or tiger striped eyebrows. Tiger brows are not the look.

After pulling my hair back, I smear the paste on my eyebrows.


Since I’m doing this, might as well bleach my annoying forehead hair and my mustache. I’ve gotten my forehead hair threaded before and OUCH. No thanks. I’ll bleach it.

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?


After about 7 minutes, I wipe some of the bleach off to see how much my brows are lightened.



Seems good enough. I proceed to wipe off all of the bleach with a dry rag, followed by a wet rag.


Kiki is about to yawn. Mama’s vanity rituals are so BORING.


The final result: Before, my brows are their natural black.

Before eyebrow bleach

Before eyebrow bleach

Lighter brows

Lighter brows


lightened eyebrows

lightened eyebrows

I can still look just as nutty without Romulan/Vulcan eyebrows! YES!


The Kim in Winter

Winter bums me out. The days are SO SHORT right now, sunset around five-ish, ugh.

Nevertheless, I love snow. Illinois has had a snow drought — even today, we got only a dusting and there has been zero snow this winter.

bleak winter
This is what my soul feels like.

So there is a gate with barbed wire fencing off the university. Seriously, barbed wire, like that’s necessary!! Someone didn’t like it and busted the door. Don’t look at me.


Getting snowed on as I walked to the store and bought pens. We were totally out of them.