The Kikimonster

Kiki is a shelter kitty that I adopted when she was about six months old.  Before coming to me, she was in a kitty foster home.  Sadly, she was kept away from the other kittens because she was very small and sickly.

Kiki had an infected spay scar and a hernia when we brought her home for the first time.

Within a day, we took Kiki to the vet.  To keep her from scratching at her spay scar & hernia while they healed, she had to wear a plastic Elizabethan collar.  Yes, it’s actually called that, “Elizabethan collar” is not a Kim-ism, though it sounds like one.

Kiki had to wear the collar for several weeks.   I had to squirt a squirty syringe of milky medicine into her mouth every night.

Finally, the scars healed and she seemed to be on her way to good health, so with the vet’s OK we took off the collar.

It was the happiest day ever for Kiki!

Kiki finally started putting on weight and was no longer sickly.

Every day, Kiki has a routine.  First is breakfast (kibbles), then water buffet.

Water buffet is like a buffet, but only water.

Kiki waiting in the bathtub for Water Buffet looking like a Yoshitomo Nara painting.

After water buffet, she either wants to play or nap.

She gets more kibbles before I go to work.

This is Kiki more playful than napful.

She loves playing in the bed on laundry day.

Kiki loves being on my shoulder.  She naps up there at least 10 minutes every day, sometimes over an hour!

Sometimes she stays up there so long that my arm falls asleep!

On rare occasions, I dress Kiki in clothes, like this angel costume.  I know it’s wrong (she already has a fur coat) but I can’t help myself.

Her Christmas dress.

Kiki gets raw chicken when I get home from work, then more playtime/water buffet, and kibbles again at 11:00pm.

She has two cat trees, but she likes this one more.

She has two cat trees, but she likes this one more.

She now weighs 15.5 pounds!  She is a BIG kitty.

She now weighs 15.5 pounds! She is a BIG kitty.

That’s the story of the Two Black Haired Girls!

2 thoughts on “The Kikimonster

  1. I am not real fantastic with English but I get hold this really easygoing to read.

  2. […] went from being a tiny, scrawny kitten, see to quite a big girl. She now weighs 14.6 pounds!! We now call her MEGA-KIKI. <a href=””&gt; Kiki sniffs […]

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